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Body Treatments



A nonsurgical fat-reduction procedure, Lipocavitation uses ultrasound to remove localized fat deposits. It is useful for treating cellulite in the abdomen, hips, buttocks, arms, thighs, and knees.

Green Clay Detox


Green clay (detox) promotes the proper functioning of skin metabolism and has astringent, stimulating, and toning action. Indicated for reducing treatments, oily skin, and acne-prone skin.

Current Russian


Current Russian improves circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, fights the flab. It may facilitate muscle contraction and produces good results when used in aesthetics.

These two electric stimulation techniques are used, often after liposuction, to treat localized fat deposits and cellulite.



Using a vacuum to knead the skin and subcutaneous tissue, including some fat, endermologie fights cellulite and localized fat; helps to revitalize and tone tissue; increases circulation to the area, which carries away toxins; and helps the skin fight wrinkles.



Indications for using ultrasound in aesthetics include hydrolipoclasy (a less-invasive way to remove fat than liposuction); breaking up lumps of cellulite; unpacking hardened fibrosis; and preparation for plastic surgery and aftercare.

High Frequency


High-frequency treatments may be used for the treatment of acne-prone skin; revitalization; stimulation of face, scalp, and circulation.

*We offer treatments after plastic surgery.
*We offer a 20% discount if you purchase a 10-session package.